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Camassia is a flower plant that belongs to liliaceae family. Its genus name is Camassia and species name is quamash. But in India both genus and species name is quamash. Now a day camas is popular among most of the people of the world. Any people are attracted by the beauty of this flower as this flower is so beautiful and attractive. Basically this flower is common in large area of southern Canada and north western united state from British Columbia and Alberta to California and east from Washington State to Montana and Wyoming. Camas, quamash, Indian hyacinth, wild hyacinth is the common names of camas. As talking about the history of camassia, In 1827 David Douglas described camassia and few species of camassia were described by some gardeners of England in 1850s.the name of quamash is from the Nez Perce, a term for the plant bulb which was gathered used as a food sources by the people of Pacific Northwest. Simple camasses are in pale blue to deep blue color which grows in raceme at the end of the stem and the length of the stem of this flower is 30cm to 90cm .the leaves are basal shape. The common period of blooming flower is late spring to summer season. it grows from a small grass like leaves and reaches up to 18 inches the length of stem of this flower is 30cm to 90 cm .rays. To make one self more attractive the blue buds opens into six petals each of petals are arranged like rays. When one bulb is matured in each stem there are 75 to 100 star shaped little flower and its looks so attractive. These types of plant don’t flower for longer time, it dies back after flowering. SCIENTIFIC CLASSIFICATION Kingdom Plant Sub-kingdom Angiosperms Division Mono cots Order liliales Family Liliaceae Genus Camassia Species C.Quamash Binomial Name Camassia Quamash Types of camassia:- 1) Leichtlinii bulb:-These types of camassia are of large pear shaped and it is tallest among this species. This type of plant grows up to 5feet.the leaves are narrowing large shaped with blue green color. Firstly the whorl comes out of the ground then the stem appears. The flower starts blooming from bottom to top. The flowers are of star shaped with clear light blue color. 2) Cusickii bulb:-These types of bulb are broader round shape with dark blue color. Cusikii is smaller and shorter shaped bulb. At beginning the color of flower is white then it slightly tends towards blue. 3) Ensulanta bulb:-These types of camasses are also called wild camassia. It is fairly small size bulb and 1-2” inches tall. The color of the stem of the flower is dark blue with very bright golden stamens. The bulbs are used by the Native Americans as a food source. Planting:- Suitable environment is needed for growing camasses. Usually grows wild in meadows, moist low land, along the edge of pond, grassy prairies, bluffs, or rocky out cropping. Now a day most of the people know about the camassia and its importance so it has become a garden basis flower. If there is not large area to grow camas then we can grow in borders in sun or light shades area. Some procedure is needed while planting camassia. First of all a well drained soil or humus enriched soil, plenty of organic materials and fairly air and lightly shade areas is needed. Ti needs moisture and heavy soil for growing, while planting camassia we need not to plant them extremely close together. Separate the hole for individual plant and approximately 6-9” apart. After planting soak the planting area with water once. Watering must be done regularly while the plant is growing and blooming. Flower is develop in the spring and bloom through early summer. Caring:- After planting we need to pay little more attention because it takes several years to mature as well as the area around the plant should be kept clean and weeds must be cleared. It can be grown from seed too so that after the plant has died the seeds should be collected and kept properly. Once the flowering has finished don’t cut it off because the dead leaves will gather sunlight which provides nourishment for next year. Uses:- Around the world people use flower for wide range of event and function flowers are used for worshiping the god and some use flower for decorating. Most of the camassias are edible and has more nutrition and the size is 5/6cm. its looks like a white onion crocus. The stem bulb is very sweet. Bulbs are ideal for use. Camassia bulb are eaten by Native American, black foots, Cree, Nez Perce and other of the first people. It tastes slightly sweet starchy dissolving to gelatinous. Camassia is also eaten at the end of the meal as it is very sweet. After the petals are dried it is pounded into flour. It is pit roasted or boiled. It tasted like sweet potato but sweeter. Blue camas also called black camas because when it pit cooked slightly it turns black. And it reaches up to maximum, sweetness and black coloration. After that dry it out and grind it to mix with flower, water and butter to make gravy. Now it taste is very delicious. Camassia also used as ornaments and also used as a medicine. all types of camassia bulbs are similar but we can differentiate them when they are flower because white flower or deathcamas are dangerous to eat. It has toxic. New and modern technologies are used for development. Low land, grassy prairies are destructed by the people for development and agriculture. Nowadays, camas flower are begin diminished due to modern development.

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