Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Is your service totally FREE?
Our service is totally free including shipping and handeling cost, just you need to choose and apply your loved flower bulbs.

Question : How much time it takes to send us flower bulbs?
Basically, it takes one week to three months to fulfill your order which depends on your location and bulbs availability with us.

Question : I want to get all flower bulbs available with your organisation, is it possible?
Its easy, just visit your loving flower bulbs page and apply for each flower bulbs.

Question : How many flower bulbs can i apply at a time?
You can visit flower bulbs page and apply as much as you love. There is no any bar on flower bulbs variety.

Question : I want to donate some fund to you, is it possible?
Sure, send your donation amount to our paypal ID:

If you have a question, please write us at