Free Snake Plants

snake plant
When you see this unique piece of indoor beauty, very often you will wonder which specie of plant might this snake plant come from? This plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family. Most of the indoor plants belong to the tropical and sub-tropical environment and so does the snake plant. You will commonly find this plant growing in these regions where the environment is humid, warm and favorable. They are common in Asian countries, African soil and are very popular in the European countries. You will be surprised hearing that the snake plant has quite a lot of species. There are around seventy different species of snake plant.

The snake plant is a wonderful indoor plant. It appears unique when left to grow in a small to medium sized pot. Compared to the other plant varieties, this plant has a high tolerance power. You will notice the plant staying fresh even when you have neglected its care for a week or more.

Leaves : There are thousands of plants and each one of them will have some unique features that will strike our mind each time we see them. For a snake plant, it is the leaves that attract most of the people. The leaves come in a blade like shape and shoot upward. These leaves appear fleshy and shiny. One of the unique features of this plant is that the leaves and stem are not separated, the leaf itself serves as both a stem and a leaf. Depending on the type of specie, some leaves are dark green, some light green and some are patterned yellow on the sides while others will show nice pattern of dark and light green shaded between the leaf blade.

Growing/propagation : If you are familiar with plantation, growing a snake plant will not be difficult. It is as same as growing any other plant in your home garden. Over the process of having snake plant at home, you will want to increase its number and take them to your office desk or gift them to your friends and relatives. In order make this happen, you will want to propagate this plant using the best propagating methods you like.

Leaf cutting : It will be easy and suggested to grow a snake plant through the leaf cutting method. As you process with the leaf cutting method of growing this plant, keep in mind that the plant is sensitive to waterlogged soil and will rot very easily if you are not careful about the type of soil you are using. You will need to use well-drained soil—to free the plant from getting rotten.

Dividing method of propagation : Although the leaf cutting method of propagation is common but if you are looking for an easy way, choose the division method of propagation. In this method, you will cut the fleshy rhizome that you find at the root and plant it in a pot fitted with well-drained soil.

Care : We all look for a good harvest for the works we put effort on. It is the same when it comes to taking care of the snake plant. However, taking care of the snake plant is one of the easiest ways or processes. This wonderful plant has less demand and at the same time has a high tolerance power. The leaves will not look affected even when you fail to water it for many days. It will have the same fresh look. This plant can thrive in environment where it receives low light. You will see this plant growing even when there is drought taking place.

Light condition : The snake plant will prefer some amount of light during their active growing months. But make sure that you do not expose this plant to direct sunlight. Exposing it to direct sunlight will eventually kill the plant. Thus, you are suggested to let this plant grow in an indirect light condition. Being a tropical plant, this plant prefers growing at an environment where it can receive warm temperature. If you happened to let this plant grow at a temperature that is below 50F, it will very soon die away.

Water : Watering your plant is very important ritual for any plant lovers. Most of the times when you tend to forget watering your plant, the plant will get weak, pale and die away. However, it is not always the same story with every kind of plant. The snake plant will not be affected if you don’t water it for around a week but it will rot down and die away if you over water this plant. So, the best time to water this plant will be during the summer and spring months. You will check the top soil before watering. If you find it dry then only you will water the plant. It is good that you let the soil go dry between watering. Reduce watering during the winter months.

Soil : The type of soil in which you let your plant grow has a lot of impact on the plants right growth. Snake plant like most of the tropical plant prefers to grow in a well drained soil, rich in humus and compost manure. It will thrive well even when it is left to grow in a sandy soil.

Fertilization : For a snake plant, it is suggested that you use general purpose fertilizer. Most of the gardeners choose to use cactus fertilizer for this plant. It will show really good result. And the best time to fertilize this plant is during the summer and spring month—active growing months. Do not over fertilize. Letting this plant grow in a humus rich soil and adding compost manure will be equally helpful for this plants best growth.

Size of plant : The size up to which this plant can grow hugely depends on the type of pot you let this plant grow. And secondly, it depends on the type of species.

This size to which this plant can grow ranges from 8 inches to 12 feet tall.

Repotting : It is good to repot your snake plant whenever you find the plant growing over-sized from the pot because this plant grows rapidly comparing to some other indoor plants. Choose a bigger pot containing well-drained soil. The best time to repot your snake plant is during the summer and late spring months. During the time of repotting, you can even choose to divide the plant and let it grow in some other pots.

Uses : Are you in search of a unique looking attractive household plant? The snake plant would be the best choice. It has a wonderful indoor uses. You will see this plant growing perfectly well inside your room, office or anywhere you plant but in a favorable condition.

This plant gives rise to uniquely shaped leaves that serves as a perfect plant for decorating room. At the same time, this plant has high air purifying value. They can take in impure air such as benzene and formaldehyde and help you breathe in air that is fresh and healthy.

This plant is very popular in China. They believe that this plant is the symbol of intelligence, long life, poetry, art, health, prosperity and strength. Thus, they prefer having this plant wherever they good—work place, home, restaurant, malls, banks, school etc. It’s a plant signifying good luck.