An attractive plant with unusual, pink-spotted leaves. The Hypoestes is often described as a hardy, easy-to-grow plant, but it does require some extra care and attention in order to thrive. In particular it does not like cool conditions and will rapidly fail if the temperature drops below the minimum. Failure to supply the plant with sufficient light will result in the leaves losing much of their bright pink pigmentation in favour of a greener hue. The Hypoestes should be trimmed regularly to prevent it becoming straggly, and is best replaced every year or two with a new plant, which can be created from cuttings taken from the growing tips.

Plant type : Foliage plant with loose, bushy habit
Season of interest : All year round
Size : 20-30cm (8—12in)
Flower : Uninteresting, mauve, produced in spring/summer
Leaf : Almost oval, 4-5cm (1J—2in) long, 2.5cm (1 in) wide, dark green with pink spots
Temperature : 18-21'C (65-70T)
Aspect/Light : Well-lit position with some exposure to sunlight
Humidity : Moderate
Watering : Evenly moisten compost in spring and summer, allowing to dry a little between waterings; keep on drier side in autumn and winter
Feeding : Once every two to three weeks with houseplant fertilizer in spring and summer
Propagation : Plant 7.5-10cm (3—4in) tip cuttings in seed and cutting compost at 20-21°C (68—70°F) in mid spring to early autumn; sow seeds as above
Potting : Flouseplant potting compost
Problems : Aphid, lower leaf loss from low temperatures
Availability : Commonly available throughout the year
Uses indoors : Good plant for windowsill, provided some shade is available to shield it from prolonged exposure to sunlight